Metrics Reimagined

Company metrics is one of our more popular features, and we are releasing a new set of enhancements that bring everything to your fingertips.  All within the platform that already manages everything else from application to exit.

Things just keep getting better!


We’ve made it even easier to visualize the data your companies are reporting on through our custom charts and graphs. The charts can later be shared or input into quarterly investor reports.

Custom, Custom, Custom!


So, So Pretty… and Powerful!


This is all being rolled out free to existing customers and new customers can get these features as part of our promotion detailed here.

Don’t forget about the new Portfolio Summary enhancements also launching soon!

Updated Portfolio Summary


Our team has worked to enhance the way your portfolio company data is presented so that more information is visible on screen with less scrolling.

You will also notice that each company has it’s investment round data collapsed and column headings can be clicked for easy sorting.

Portfolio management can all be done from one screen, letting you modify reminder email notifications, metric update frequencies, as well as providing the ability to send one-off email reminders.  You can also select which metrics will be tracked.

Everything is getting easier and more intuitive for you in the industry’s best Application to Exit platform.

Note: Market Provided Data Reporting, mentioned in this video, is a planned feature release for later this spring.

New Closing Process

Closing investments using an integrated software solution is what Venture360 originally introduced to the market, and we continue to improve one of our core features with the latest in UI design and experience.

Watch this brief tutorial to familiarize yourself with the new features.


Add any type of investment with options, like whether or not it was a cash transaction, or whether it’s in closing or closed, and automatically update the company’s valuation.


Let investors know it is time to close using the invoice feature. Pick your preferred transfer agent and begin sending and receiving funds quickly.


Enjoy one view for keeping updated on closing progress.unnamed