Venture360 was built by people who understand investing in private companies. In fact, we believe private equity is the future, and we are passionate about seeing our industry reach its potential. In order to do this, we needed an affordable system to help everyone find great companies to fund, share information, easily close deals, and provide complete portfolio transparency for investors.

To build such a system, we got together a group of experts in their fields – accountants, Angel investors, venture capitalists, innovators, entrepreneurs and designers – and created Venture360. We set out to design a smart, simple way for investors and entrepreneurs to easily connect, communicate and interact, in the ways they are most comfortable doing so. Not only did we want to build the best product in the market, but we also wanted it to be affordable. Therefore, Venture360 is second to none in features, performance, and price.

Among us are a Fortune 50 accountant, a serial entrepreneur, a UX/UI specialist and the creator of the Angel Capital Group – one of the largest angel investment groups in the country, and our investors are our clients. While each of us bring different sets of expertise to the table, we all share one vision: creating a great private investment experience. Because the better the investment process, the more people will do it. And that’s good for everybody.

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