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At the beginning of this year we embarked on a quest to highlight…

Top 10 Performance Metrics Investors Want to Know

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Investor Reporting (Part 1) – Top 5 Frustrations of Every Investor

As investors, we realize the only real power we have in a relationship is before we write the check.  In those blissful months of pitching, due diligence and term sheet negotiations, that entrepreneur is your best friend. They are willing to pick up the phone whenever you call and supply whatever you need – right […]

What Does a Fully Electronic Closing Mean to You?

Remember when you went to the store, wrote a check at the counter, then immediately wrote down that transaction in your checkbook ledger? Of course, you do. You are also probably thankful for that mobile app on your phone telling you exactly how much money is in your bank account, showing you in an instant […]

Application to Exit – Why it Matters – A lot of tools are utilized in the startup world of business.  There are plenty of hosted applications that small businesses and investor groups leverage to expand the productivity and reach of what is most often a very limited number of staff resources.  From MailChimp to Slack and SurveyMonkey to HelpScout, many facets […]