Feature Spotlight: Customized Reporting

Investor reporting is the single most important factor when it comes to great customer service in the venture industry. Whether you are a large venture firm, small angel group, or a funded company – how you communicate what you’ve done with someone’s money will either make or break you when it is time to raise […]

Feature Spotlight: Automatic Portfolio Reporting

There are some pretty fantastic tools out there to help track company metrics, but you know what the real problem is? GETTING THEM TO ACTUALLY DO IT! Oh sure, you can add it to the terms and have penalties for noncompliance, but that doesn’t really work. Then there is the issue of validating what information […]

Metrics Reimagined

Company metrics is one of our more popular features, and we are releasing a new set of enhancements that bring everything to your fingertips.  All within the platform that already manages everything else from application to exit. Things just keep getting better!   We’ve made it even easier to visualize the data your companies are […]