NEW! Deal Pipeline Enhancements

The Venture360 you know and love has always given you the customization you needed, when you needed it. We’ve always allowed you to create custom deal stages and reorder them in your pipeline. But NOW you also have the ability to share some deals in your pipeline while keeping others private. First, change your group settings […]

SPVs, Funding Entities, Oh my!

  “We LOVE managing all of the SPEs/Funding Entities we set-up!” – said no one ever Structuring individual investors into a funding entity to make an investment has some fantastic benefits for everyone involved in the transaction. For example, since entities commonly act as one owner and vote, SPEs simplify the cap table for future […]

NEW! Auto-convert notes and calendar feature

Next week, we are rolling out an update allowing you to convert notes to equity with the click of a button. This is designed to make it faster and easier on you, enabling you to keep track of when notes converted and on what terms. Alongside this, we’ve developed a new calendar feature. You can now […]