LP Sidecars – Not just a third wheel

Opportunities for co-investment are on the rise as limited partners (LP’s) are increasingly drawn to firms that provide direct access to deals for co-investment. These firms are reaping the benefits through additional revenue from sidecar management fees. Since there are benefits on both sides, this type of investment structure is seeing quite the uptick lately. […]

The new way top companies are raising funding…successfully.

Angels and VCs aren’t the only way to raise capital these days. In fact, smart companies are exploring ways to engage potential investors who best understand their market and product – THEIR CUSTOMERS! And you don’t need some online platform charging 5% + of the money YOU raised to make it happen. WHAT WE DO […]

NEW! Company profiles (part 1)

This is the first of many updates we will be releasing over the next few weeks enhancing the tools we provide for companies to use in support of the full capital raising life cycle. This release includes the following: Companies can make more comprehensive profiles with presentations, LinkedIN integrations for management, and much more. Improved […]