What Does Application To Exit Mean?

At Venture360, we are powering the industry from Application to Exit, and that is a very big deal. Here’s why.

We understand making a decision to incorporate a new software system into a business process is a complex and serious one. No one wants to adopt a platform only to realize it doesn’t really do everything you need.  Then you have to move to another system, or worse, have to manage multiple systems at one time.

At Venture360, we never set out to just solve a piece of the puzzle. We want to be the only solution our clients will ever need and continue to deliver the best products in the market at the best prices. Because if it doesn’t do everything – it might as well do nothing.

So, how does one software platform really address everyone’s multi-faceted and complex needs involved in making private investments ranging from the individual in the fund to the angel group to the company?

Well, it all starts with the application.  Our products then don’t stop making life easier until the company exits.

The moment that company hits “Submit” to apply for funding, the entire business process of doing deals is now in motion.

Those applications need to be organized and reviewed. Companies need to be communicated with and additional information is needed. Due diligence files are collected, reviewed, discussions are had, and decisions are made. This may occur between a few fund managers or a few hundred angels. But either way – it is all handled using Venture360’s deal pipeline management.

When a commitment process starts, it isn’t as easy as Bob committing money to go to Mars. It is far more complex when you manage a fund with add-on options and investment vehicles, both special purpose and not. Then there is the family office that co-invests with the Angel group – everyone needs to be kept up to date at the same time. Venture360 makes all of this easy with how we manage everything from the individual to the funding entity to the fund.

Ready to close? We’ve got you covered with an integrated and fully electronic closing. Terms are agreed to, docs are sent for electronic signature requests, money is requested and transferred, then the entire transaction can be verified and recorded.

When the deal is done – the work is done, right? No way – a new process is just starting.

Venture360 now helps you keep track of all of those investments, who did what deal, how they did that deal, how the company is performing, how the fund is performing, and the list goes on…

Venture360 builds this insight into our analytics and reporting features to understand investment history at your fingertips. Performance is critical to understanding future success and data is king.

All investment activity ultimately flows back to the investor for reporting. They want to know where their money went, what they own, how those investments were made, and how they are performing – this information is crucial or they won’t keep investing. Funds and companies live and die by the next fund or round.

This entire process is done all over again and again because our clients are in the business of making investments and making money.

At Venture360, we know the pain points, and we solved them.

That’s what Application to Exit means.

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You get a car, and you get a car, and you get a…deal pipeline!

Okay, okay, we aren’t Oprah, but we are giving away our deal pipeline management features completely FREE, so basically the same thing, right?

How do you unlock all of this awesomeness? Easy as 1, 2, 3…

1.  Create an account
2.  Customize an application
3.  Link the application to your website with the url provided by Venture360

And done!

All company applications will be stored in your Venture360 deal pipeline for you to easily sort and customize into various stages. You can always add other features as needed.

deal pipeline.gif

Analytics for the math nerd in all of us.

Businesses are run by the numbers. Being able to quickly access and understand those numbers is the key to making informed decisions.

Because Venture360 clients already enjoy the ease of using our platform to manage their funding process from application to exit, they are now just a few clicks away from running a wide range of analytics on their funds, investors and portfolio companies.

Enjoy, math nerds, you are our people.



You can run analytics faster than you can blink:

run analytics.gif

Create charts for anything you want:

create chars.gif

Coming next – then take all of this information and build any combination of reports.

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