Feature Spotlight: Customized Reporting

Investor reporting is the single most important factor when it comes to great customer service in the venture industry. Whether you are a large venture firm, small angel group, or a funded company – how you communicate what you’ve done with someone’s money will either make or break you when it is time to raise again…and you will raise again.

Reporting is something no one really loves to do. Mainly because it requires us to go back through multiple systems to track down what deals we looked at, who we funded and how, and then get those companies to actually report back to us in a timely manner (see post on automatic portfolio tracking). Then once we find all of that information, we have to put it into some system for building an actual report that we then send out to our investors. No bueno.

Because Venture360 is a complete application to exit platform, our clients already have access to all of the data needed to report back to their investors providing the highest level of service possible. Although our complete investor profiles provide account information accessibility anytime, anywhere to investors – we also know that sending out summary reports are a great way to communicate with investors and provide the best service possible.

Our clients are only a few clicks away from populating beautiful reports for their investors with the data they need – all in one place.

The is one of the many features our clients get FREE access to with an account prior to May 1, 2016. Go ahead and enjoy all that free time you have now that you use Venture360.

(below is an example of the customizable report building system)

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