NEW! Navigation and Dashboard Look

Next week, we are rolling out an update to your dashboard view and the top navigation as we continue to streamline the user experience while adding amazing new functionality.

The new navigation is designed to lead you easily through all that Venture360 has to offer; while the dashboard summarizes your account activity and provides quick access to the most used features and information.



Your dashboard will now contain a portfolio summary view with sort features at the top and direct access to your deal pipeline and open deals below.



We’ve reorganized the top navigation to get you where you need to go faster with enhanced topic grouping.

You can easily switch from one topic to the other with no hovering.


new nav april 2016.gif


More enhancements are still coming, so enjoy your new navigation and dashboard, and thank you for choosing Venture360!


NEW! Investor Profile Makeover

Our new investor profiles make it easier than ever to invest and manage private portfolios. These updates go beyond beautiful and sleek to functional. Everything web design should be. Enjoy with confidence.


Personal portfolio performance is now summarized on a new dashboard. With easy sorting by deal type and funding type.

investor portfolio overview



Quickly and easily make commitments to open deals in your networks from your dashboard.

investor open deals.png


Set-up a complete profile with multiple investment types (trusts, funds, entities – the more complex the better).

Add any investments you want to track – all completely FREE.

Screen Shot 2016-04-05 at 9.51.15 AM


You look gorgeous, darling.


Don’t forget to check out our most recent metrics and portfolio summary feature releases!

Feature Spotlight: Customized Reporting

Investor reporting is the single most important factor when it comes to great customer service in the venture industry. Whether you are a large venture firm, small angel group, or a funded company – how you communicate what you’ve done with someone’s money will either make or break you when it is time to raise again…and you will raise again.

Reporting is something no one really loves to do. Mainly because it requires us to go back through multiple systems to track down what deals we looked at, who we funded and how, and then get those companies to actually report back to us in a timely manner (see post on automatic portfolio tracking). Then once we find all of that information, we have to put it into some system for building an actual report that we then send out to our investors. No bueno.

Because Venture360 is a complete application to exit platform, our clients already have access to all of the data needed to report back to their investors providing the highest level of service possible. Although our complete investor profiles provide account information accessibility anytime, anywhere to investors – we also know that sending out summary reports are a great way to communicate with investors and provide the best service possible.

Our clients are only a few clicks away from populating beautiful reports for their investors with the data they need – all in one place.

The is one of the many features our clients get FREE access to with an account prior to May 1, 2016. Go ahead and enjoy all that free time you have now that you use Venture360.

(below is an example of the customizable report building system)

aCk4DxL5GP (1)



Feature Spotlight: Automatic Portfolio Reporting

There are some pretty fantastic tools out there to help track company metrics, but you know what the real problem is?


Oh sure, you can add it to the terms and have penalties for noncompliance, but that doesn’t really work. Then there is the issue of validating what information you do get – good luck with that.

These are the real problems we are solving here at Venture360 with our proprietary data aggregation API that sources and verifies information on our clients’ portfolio companies without anyone lifting a finger. Then we take that information along with all of the portfolio information we are already tracking, and allow our clients to create incredible and customizable reports.

You can continue to chase down your portfolio companies for minimal information, OR you can just click one button in our system that will search hundreds of publicly available data sources for information on your portfolio automatically.

Minds. Blown. Everywhere.