Metrics Reimagined

Company metrics is one of our more popular features, and we are releasing a new set of enhancements that bring everything to your fingertips.  All within the platform that already manages everything else from application to exit.

Things just keep getting better!


We’ve made it even easier to visualize the data your companies are reporting on through our custom charts and graphs. The charts can later be shared or input into quarterly investor reports.

Custom, Custom, Custom!


So, So Pretty… and Powerful!


This is all being rolled out free to existing customers and new customers can get these features as part of our promotion detailed here.

Don’t forget about the new Portfolio Summary enhancements also launching soon!

Industry Talk: Less Than Good Terms


Last week Aaron Harris over at Y Combinator wrote about bad terms and the types of things to look out for when you don’t always know what you’re getting into.  We wanted to reference that post from our blog because we thought it was an important topic for the entrepreneurs that utilize our platform and reference our site.  In a perfect world the investors would want an agreement to be fair in order to produce not only a friendly relationship, but also a fruitful one.  Sometimes the terms can create situations that make it difficult for the entrepreneur to remain agile as they grow their business and since growing their business is beneficial for the investor, the terms should keep that as the primary target.  

Aaron talked about some real stinker terms to be on the lookout for like Anti-dilution, Super pro-rata, 1x+ liquidation preferences, etc.  But as he noted, the list can go on and on.  The best bet is to find a lawyer that can guide you through these and how they may impact the company now and down the road.  If anything, you just want to understand them.  

“Get a lawyer that understands startups. It’s important to find someone with experience. Not only can a good lawyer explain what’s going on with terms of your agreement, he/she can tell you if those terms are standard. Lawyers can also help you negotiate, though this is usually more relevant in priced rounds.”

In many cases, the investors themselves may not even need those particular terms.  They may have been advised to include them but if you were to discuss it with them as to the impact to the company, an investor may see the folly if such structure is built into the deal.  

Aaron also pointed out that an investor who habitually inserts bad terms can find themselves ignored by the community on future opportunities because of the negative outcome that results from continually forcing such constraints on companies.  Other investors in the same deal may even pressure that investor to drop the term because of it’s detriment to everyone involved.  

Overall, Aaron’s piece gives great perspective and guidance on how to assess and move forward with caution.  Which can be in short supply in a lot of deals these days.  

Some of the terms that Aaron recommends to look out for but not limited to are…

Jump to Aaron Harris’s full post here to get a much more in-depth analysis.  And if you are an entreprenuer looking to interface with your investors and potentially find new ones, sign up for a free company profile here at Venture360.

Our Biggest Feature Set Yet!


Are you ready for this?

The team here at Venture360 has had our heads down the last few months while we’ve been building out some of our most important new features to date.  We will be releasing them soon at a premium to our current subscription price, but they are all FREE for current clients as of May 1st for an entire year.

What’s Included?

  • Automatic Portfolio Reporting (Just click “enable” and the data starts flowing.)
  • Create beautiful, customizable and exportable reports with any data you want
  • New API with data aggregation and public data search
  • Enhanced portfolio metrics and tracking
  • Chart and compare data

We’ve also updated the UI to give you an even better user experience.

All you have to do is Sign Up before May 1st, and all of these features are yours FREE for the first year.



You can continue to chase down your portfolio companies for minimal information, OR you can just click one button in our system that will search hundreds of publicly available data sources for information on your portfolio automatically. Then you can use that information to create data sets for analysis or investor reporting.

Minds. Blown. Everywhere.


Updated Portfolio Summary


Our team has worked to enhance the way your portfolio company data is presented so that more information is visible on screen with less scrolling.

You will also notice that each company has it’s investment round data collapsed and column headings can be clicked for easy sorting.

Portfolio management can all be done from one screen, letting you modify reminder email notifications, metric update frequencies, as well as providing the ability to send one-off email reminders.  You can also select which metrics will be tracked.

Everything is getting easier and more intuitive for you in the industry’s best Application to Exit platform.

Note: Market Provided Data Reporting, mentioned in this video, is a planned feature release for later this spring.

New Closing Process

Closing investments using an integrated software solution is what Venture360 originally introduced to the market, and we continue to improve one of our core features with the latest in UI design and experience.

Watch this brief tutorial to familiarize yourself with the new features.


Add any type of investment with options, like whether or not it was a cash transaction, or whether it’s in closing or closed, and automatically update the company’s valuation.


Let investors know it is time to close using the invoice feature. Pick your preferred transfer agent and begin sending and receiving funds quickly.


Enjoy one view for keeping updated on closing progress.unnamed