Application to Exit – Why it Matters

Twitter_Ads_800x320_1 – A lot of tools are utilized in the startup world of business.  There are plenty of hosted applications that small businesses and investor groups leverage to expand the productivity and reach of what is most often a very limited number of staff resources.  From MailChimp to Slack and SurveyMonkey to HelpScout, many facets of how businesses interact with their clients, team members and data are handled by different toolsets.  Even the most progressive company executives manage all of these important areas of a business from several different dashboards that don’t give the full picture in any one place.  The same can be said for how the deal finding, deal making and deal tracking are handled in the private investment marketplace.  Raising capital can be a key component in building a business, and the last thing a CEO wants to add to their plate are multiple systems to track and manage this process.

While the issue of disparate toolsets continues to expand within small business, we are making the opposite happen for private investment.  We have built and continue to build out an ecosystem that provides full Application to Exit (AE) coverage.  All aspects of the transaction are systematized and documented within a single platform.  All parties are involved in this ecosystem as well.  From the entrepreneur to the angel investment group or fund, as well as the individual investor, we have built dashboards and workflows that support all profiles within the process.  We’ve done this because everyone needs and wants to bridge the gap between the investment proposition and the ongoing relationship management and performance data tracking that builds with each investment.

This full-service ecosystem is important because data is manipulated and reported in different ways across many toolsets.  By bringing all relevant toolsets to a single platform, the rules for how that data is presented become baseline for the user in all scenarios.  They know how and where to look for what is important to them and move past the data that isn’t providing them with the insight that they need.  Disparate tools create different governing rules that are difficult to remember across logins and this isn’t the experience that will resonate long term as the private investment market expands.  But imagine being able to manage all of the following in one place: creating an investor package, finding the right investors for your company, inviting those investors to review documents, take commitments, click one button to begin and manage a fully electronic closing, sign docs and accept funds, once closed all round information goes into the cap table, and all performance metrics are tracked where all investors can login and review them anytime.  We saw this need from the start of Venture360 and bringing this experience to our clients is built into the DNA of our platform.  The full service use case is the baseline in this market and that’s why it’s resonating.  

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